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Phosphate, COD, BOD, Hydrazine, Ammonia, Sodium

NHNG-3010 Industrial Online Ammonia Analyzer
NHNG-3010 type NH3-N Automatic on-line analyzer is developed with completely independent intellectual property rights of ammonia (NH3 - N) automatic monitoring instrument, is the world's only instrument which using advanced flow injection analysis technology to realize ammonia online analysis, and it can automatic monitoring the NH3-N of any water in a long term of unattended.
It can measure the very low and very high concentration of ammonia nitrogen, suitable for laboratory or field rapid on-line analysis of rivers and lakes water, tap water, waste water, high concentration of ammonia nitrogen content in the sewage and various kinds of solution.
1. The most advanced technique of flow injection analysis and the most safe and convenient analysis method.
2. Unique automatic enrichment function, make the instrument has a large measurement range
3. Reagents are non-toxic, just dilute NaOH and containing pH indicator distilled water, which can be easily formulated. The cost of analysis only 0.1 cents for each sample.
4. Unique gas-liquid separator (patented) make sample abandon the cumbersome and expensive former processing device, don't need to clean the equipment, is now the  most simplified instrument in a variety of similar products.
5. Operating costs and maintenance costs are extremely low.
6. Of ammonia nitrogen concentration is greater than 0.2 mg/L samples, can use ordinary distilled water as the solvent of reagent, easy to use.
The working principle of the novel instrument
Peristaltic pump delivery release liquid (loose) NaOH solution for current carrying liquid, turn set according to the number of sample injection valve, formation of NaOH solution and mixed water sample interval, when the mixed zone after the separation of the gas-liquid separator chamber, release samples of ammonia, ammonia gas through a gas liquid separation membrane were receiving liquid (BTB acid-base indicator solution), ammonium ion make the solution pH, color changed from green to blue. Ammonium concentration after accept the liquid to be delivered to the circulation of colorimeter pool, measuring its optical voltage change value, NH3 - N content in the samples can be obtained.
Technical indexes
Measuring rang:  0.05-1500mg/L
 Accuracy:   5%FS
Precision:       2%FS
The detection limit:  0.05 mg/L
Resolution:    0.01mg/L
The shortest measuring cycle:    5min
Dimension of the hole:      620×450×50mm
Weight:      110Kg
Power supply:    50Hz 200V
Power:      100W
Communication interface:         RS232/485/4-20mA
Alarm Excessive, fault:      Automatic alarm
Instrument calibration:           Automatic 
LSGG-5090 Industrial Online Phosphate Analyzer
LSGG-5090 type industrial online phosphate analyzer, dopts special air rabbling and optoelectronics examination technique, make chemical react quickly and measure accuracy outstanding, optoelectronics examination and chart text display. Adopt colorful liquid crystal display, with the prolific color, character, chart and curve etc.
Can be widely used in thermal power plants, chemical industry and other departments, timely and accurate phosphate content of the water is monitoring to ensure crew working safely, economic, especially for the scene environment.
1 ~ 6 channels to for option, cost savings.
High accuracy, fast response.
Regular automatic calibration, maintenance workload is small.
Color LCD real-time curve, convenient for analysis working condition.
Save a month of historical data, easy recall.
Monochromatic cold light source, long life, good stability.
Multiple-precision programmable current output, suitable for subsequent automatic dosing or data acquisition system.
Technical indexes
1. Measuring principle: phosphorus molybdenum alum yellow
photoelectric colorimetry
2. Measuring range: 0 ~ 2000μg / L, 0 ~ 10mg / L Optional
3. Accuracy: ± 1% F.S
4. Reproducibility: ± 1% F.S
5. Stability: drift ≤ ± 1% F.S/24 hour
6. Response time: initial response, four minutes, six minutes to reach at least 98%
7. Sampling period: 3 minutes / Channel
8. Watery conditions: Flow> 2 ml / sec.
Temperature: 10 ~ 45 ℃
Pressure: 10kPa ~ 100kPa 

CODG-3000 Industrial Online COD Analyzer
CODG-3000 type COD automatic industrial online analyzer is developed with completely independent intellectual property rights of COD automatic testing instrument, be able to automatically detect COD of any water for a long time that in unattended condition.
The unique design makes this products compared to similar products with lower failure rate, lower
maintenance, lower reagent consumption and higher cost.
Injection components: vacuum suction peristaltic pump, and the pump tube between the reagent there is
always an air buffer, to avoid corrosion of the tubing, while making reagent mixing more concise and flexible.
Sealed Digestion components: high –temperature high-pressure digestion system, accelerating the reaction process, to overcome the volatile corrosive gas exposure system equipment corrosion.
Reagent tube: imported transparent modified PTFE hose, diameter greater than 1.5mm, reducing the
chance of water-like particles clogging.
Technical Parameters
1. A method based on : the national standard GB11914-89 << Water Quality - Determination of the
2. chemical oxygen demand - dichromate potassium >>
3. Measuring range :0-6000mg / L
4. Accuracy:  ≥ 100mg / L, no more than ± 10%; 
           <100mg / L, no more than ± 8mg / L
5.Repeatability : ≥ 100mg / L, no more than ± 10%;
<100mg / L, does not exceed ± 6mg / L
6. Measurement period : The minimum measurement period of 20 minutes , according to the
actual water samples, digestion can be modified at any time in the 5 ~ 120min;
7. sampling period : time interval (20 ~ 9999min adjustable ) , and the whole point of measurement mode;
8. Calibration cycle : 1 to 99 days at any arbitrary time interval adjustable;
9. Maintenance cycle : general once a month, each about 30 min;
10. Reagent consumption : less than 0.35 RMB / sample
11. Output : RS-232 ,4-20mA ( optional );
12.  Environmental requirements : Temperature adjustable interior , recommended temperature +5 ~ 28 ; humidity ≤ 90% ( non-condensing );
13.  Power supply : AC230 ± 10% V, 50 ± 10% Hz, 5A;
14.  Size: 1500 × width 550 × height depth 450 (mm);
15.  Other : Abnormal alarm and power without losing data
16.   Touch screen display and command input , abnormal reset and power callsthe instrument automatically discharge the residual reactants , automatic return to work status.
DWG-5088 Industrial Online Sodium Meter
DWG-5088 Industrial Sodium Meter is a brand new continuous monitoring instrument for micro-sodium ions at ppb level. With professional 
ppb level measuring electrode, automatic constant-voltage, constant-current fluid line system and stable and efficient basification system,
it provides stable and accurate measurement. It can be used for continuous monitoring over sodium ions in water and solution in thermal power 
stations, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmacy, biochemical engineering, foodstuff, 
running water supply and many other industries. 

LCD display in English, menu in English and notepad in English.
Computer-based: Multi-parameter measurement, temperature compensation and automatic range conversion are 
achieved thanks to the high-performance CPU chip, high-precision AD conversion technology and SMT pasting
technology, resulting in high precision and repeatability.
High reliability: Single-board structure, touch keys, no switch knob or potentiometer. Rapid response, accurate 
measurement and high stability.
Automatic constant-voltage constant current liquid line system:  Automatic compensation for  flow  and 
pressure of water sample.
Alarm: Isolated alarm signal output, discretionary setting of upper and lower thresholds for alarming, and lagged 
cancellation of alarming.
Network function: Isolated current output and RS485 Communication Interface.
History curve: It can continuously record data for a month, with a point for each five minutes. 
Notepad function: Recording 200 messages.
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